The best worktops for bathrooms

If you have decided to give your bathroom a makeover, you will be busy making decisions galore.  When you have confirmed your layout and decided on a style or theme, you will need to start thinking about what bath, shower, taps, flooring, furniture, sink and other bathroom elements will best suit your practical needs and design.  Don’t let your bathroom worktops fall to the bottom of your decision list.  After all, when you think about how often you will use them – it is important to make the right choice.

As specialists in working with natural stone, we highly recommend selecting from marble, granite, or quartz for your chosen aesthetic.  In this blog, we explore some of the reasons why…


Coping with water and humidity

When discussing bathrooms, it is inevitable that we address the effects of water.  The surfaces within a bathroom are in almost constant contact with water so it is inevitable that you should consider how the heat and wetness that accompanies this room in your house will affect your worktops.  You will not only encounter water that splashes from the taps when you wash your hands and overspill/splash from the bath while you are relaxing in the tub, but also as a result of hot air and steam that rises from hot baths and showers.  Therefore, choosing a bathroom worktop that does not get easily damaged by these daily routines is paramount.

The non-porous nature of stone worktops makes them naturally water-resistant.  Plus, the durable nature of stone and its natural resistance to heat means it deals with hot air and steam like a walk in the park!

Natural stone is built to last

As a natural product of the earth, stone does not require any other materials or resources to create it.  In contradiction to most other materials, natural stone keeps its qualities over the years making it a strong, durable, and reliable material that lasts for a very long time.  Regular puddles of water, soap spills, toothpaste smears and spills from toiletries and cosmetics are not an issue for stone surfaces and will not hinder their ability to retain their appealing lustre.

Authentic and timeless design

Because natural stone forms from nature, it has unique colours and patterns that makes each slab a one-of-a-kind.  With an abundant accessible supply, all boasting unique veining, colour and textures resulting from millions of years of geologic change and mineral composition, natural stone really does mean you are opting for a unique product with an authentic, timeless character.

The reflective surface of polished stone will allow natural light to bounce around the room and make the room feel larger – as bathrooms tend to be smaller compared to other rooms in a house, this is a helpful feature when trying to maximise light in a small areas where natural light is minimal.  Light tends to be key in creating super modern living spaces.  Natural stone has the added bonus of creating surfaces that do not hold dust, hair or skin, making it a great choice for the bathroom where hygiene is important, and being a natural material, it contains no harmful chemicals or toxins to pollute your home environment.

At JF Stoneworks, we are able to offer bathroom worktops of varying thickness to complement your chosen décor.  Whether you are trying to create a contemporary look with thinner profiles or a more high-end style with thicker profiles – a popular choice for period styles, we can help.

There are many benefits to using natural stone worktops, a fact that has contributed to their popularity overtime.  If you are looking to enhance the beauty of your bathroom with a natural stone worktop, our expert team would be delighted to supply and fit your preferred tops, whether granite, marble, or quartz.  Just choose your worktop material and we’ll do the rest.