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Enjoy elegant granite, fitted by expert stonemasons in Kent

In Kent, where every corner tells a story of rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes, our seasoned stonemasons bring the elegance of granite into your home. Tailored to your taste and lifestyle, our granite worktops are more than just a surface; they are a testament to timeless beauty and enduring strength. Meticulously selected and expertly fitted, our granite worktops are the epitome of luxury and practicality, seamlessly integrating with Kent’s historic charm and modern-day elegance. Let us transform your space with a granite worktop that is as unique and distinguished as Kent.

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Is a granite worktop right for you?

In Kent, where history and modernity intertwine, a granite worktop is not just a choice—it is a declaration of style and endurance. It complements Kent’s historic charm with a modern twist and is ideal for those valuing longevity and elegance.


  • Fully sealed. Imagine a surface as steadfast as Kent’s ancient fortresses—our granite worktops come fully sealed, easily repelling stains and damage. This protective layer ensures your kitchen counters remain timeless, much like the county’s storied landscapes.
  • Natural and individual. Each piece of granite is a testament to nature’s artistry, mirroring the diverse beauty of Kent’s countryside. Opting for granite means bringing a slice of the natural world into your home with unique patterns and hues that celebrate individuality and natural aesthetics.
  • Low maintenance. Embrace the simplicity of care with our granite worktops. Just as Kent’s majestic manors stand resilient through time, your granite surface requires minimal upkeep to maintain its splendour. It is the perfect blend of practicality and timeless beauty for any home.

A range of colours

Our granite worktops come in various colours, each promising to complement your space with as much variety and vibrancy as Kent’s natural and architectural beauty. From subtle hues to bold patterns, find the perfect match for your home. Contact us on 01424 774497 to explore the possibilities and bring your vision to life.

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Embark on your journey to a more elegant home with our granite worktops. For enquiries, reach out to us on 01424 774497, email . Let us make your Kent home as splendid as its surroundings.

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Granite from leading suppliers in Kent

In Kent, where tradition meets innovation, we source our granite from suppliers renowned for their quality and craftsmanship:

  • The Marble & Granite Centre
  • Gerald Culliford
  • Stoneyard
  • Stoneworld

This esteemed selection guarantees that every granite worktop we offer is of the highest standard and worthy of Kent’s historic homes and modern spaces alike. By choosing us, you are not just selecting a granite worktop; you are choosing a legacy of quality and beauty that complements Kent’s rich heritage and natural splendour. Let us bring the excellence of these leading suppliers into your home with a granite worktop that stands the test of time.

Stunning granite worktops from
JF Stoneworks, your installation experts in Kent

With JF Stoneworks, each granite worktop becomes a testament to Kent’s historical elegance and modern functionality. Our team combines tradition with cutting-edge design, ensuring your spaces are beautiful and durable. With our expertly crafted granite surfaces, let us bring a slice of Kent’s grandeur into your home or business.

  • Domestic and commercial clients. JF Stoneworks caters to all, from cosy homes in Kent to bustling commercial venues. Our expertise ensures your project, regardless of scale, reflects this historic county’s unique charm and resilience.
  • 20+ years’ industry experience. Boasting over two decades in the stonemasonry field, JF Stoneworks embodies the rich heritage and meticulous craftsmanship that Kent is renowned for, ensuring your granite worktops are in experienced hands.
  • The opportunity to choose your granite. Embrace Kent’s diversity with our wide range of granite options. Like the county’s varied landscapes, our selection allows you to find the perfect match for your aesthetic and functional needs.
  • Total free quotations upfront. Transparency is key. With JF Stoneworks, you receive a comprehensive, no-surprise quote from the start, mirroring Kent’s straightforward and welcoming nature.
  • A personalised, on-site service. Our bespoke, on-site service is designed to meet your unique requirements, reflecting Kent’s tailor-made approach to elegance and craftsmanship. With JF Stoneworks, your vision is our blueprint.

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We have a showroom based at:

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Beech Farm, Netherfield Hill, Battle,
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You are very welcome to come and look around – our showroom is open from

Monday – Friday: 9am – 4.30pm
Saturdays by appointment only

Most suppliers do not send out samples as granite is a uniquely patterned natural material that will look different depending on the slab. Come and see the granite samples we have in our showroom, and we can help you look online at the blocks of granite available. Seeing granite in person is the best way to choose the perfect look for your home, so you are also welcome to visit the supplier’s yard to see the slabs in full.